domingo, 10 de julho de 2011

Alice Madness Returns


Alice Madness Returns is a computer, Xbox and PlayStation game.
Released in 2011 it is a sequel to the 2000’s game American McGee's Alice.

The games story begins with Alice being released from Rutledge Asylum (at the end of the first game) and she now lives in a orphanage in Victorian London. Alice’s phychiatrist Doctor Angus Bumby uses hypnotism to repress the hard younger memories of his younger patients, being Alice still traumatized by the memorie of her family’s death, she’s sent to the local chemist to get medicine, Alice wanders after a white cat and has more hallucinations, witnessing asylum Nurse Witless transform into the Jabberwock.

Alice falls down a rabbit hole which appears beneath her feet and lands in Wonderland. Meeting the Cheshire Cat, Alice learns a "new law" rules Wonderland and it is has been corrupted again, but this time by an outside force. Venturing to the Mad Hatter's steampunk domain, Alice finds the Mad Hatter in pieces. Recovering his body parts, Alice and Mad Hatter break into the heart of the clockwork factory, learning the March Hare and the Dormouse have taken over and constructed the Infernal Train, a hellish locomotive designed to destroy Wonderland. The train is aided by deformed oily monsters called the Ruin, made out of train and doll parts. The Mad Hatter kills his former friends, warning Alice to find the Mock Turtle who used to run Wonderland's railway, before dying in the factory's collapse.


Well I hope you like it and if you download it that you have fun playing it.

If you have any questions ask then in the comments and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

Hugs and kisses for y’all.


Sincerely, Rosemary.

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